Say NO! and TELL!

Maisie’s Creative View of Personal Safety for Girls

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Say NO! and TELL!

Daxton’s Creative View of Personal Safety for Boys

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What is We Stand Guard?

We Stand Guard exists to offer Personal Safety PREVENTION solutions for grown-ups & children. Personal Safety is prevention awareness of safe boundaries for private parts or sexual abuse prevention of children. We aim to educate people about the growing problem of sexual abuse of children and combat this epidemic with a call to arms through teaching prevention solutions along with practical tools that anyone can use. We raise awareness and provide scenarios with the Say “NO!” and TELL! books which equip us with Personal Safety prevention strategies and can open doors for intervention.


To educate grown-ups and children about the increasing problem of child sexual abuse by raising awareness and providing information with supportive resources.


To equip grown-ups and children with Personal Safety prevention strategies, skills and tools through a child-friendly story, scenarios and practical solutions on handling a questionable encounter.


To empower communities by building bridges of communication with Personal Safety prevention solutions and open doors for intervention, support and recovery.

Personal Safety Education for Kids

We Stand Guard for boundaries and Personal Safety empowering one child at a time!

THE PROBLEM: How can it be that at least 2 out of every 10 girls and 1 out of every 10 boys are estimated to be sexually abused by the end of their 13th birthday?* Arguably, child sexual abuse has become the most prevalent health problem facing children and calls us to preventative action. The hyper-sexualization of children through objectification largely includes pornography as a big part of the problem and Internet sex crimes are also real threats.**

THE SOLUTION: One proven method is learning Personal Safety prevention strategies, which empower children to say “NO!” to unsafe touches, set boundaries and protect their minds, emotions, and bodies by reading Say “NO!” and TELL! books WITH a child. Each child-friendly concept builds on the other forming a foundation of wellness, while being considerate of preserving innocence and balancing naivety with wisdom.

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The Books

Discover Maisie Monarch’s and Daxton Dolphin’s creative views of Personal Safety in a child friendly story form, full of imagination and adventure. Teaching body awareness, explaining boundaries, and introducing Personal Safety (prevention awareness of safe boundaries for private parts) are pivotal milestones for children to learn today. Valuable prevention tools are woven throughout the story in a lighthearted fashion while being considerate of preserving innocence, balancing naivety with wisdom and emphasizing solutions. You can do your part by arming yourself with facts, statistics and strategies. Then, empower children by equipping them with Personal Safety prevention skills to help them during a questionable encounter.

The target age group for the books is seven or eight (grades 2 – 3) with a possible range of ages six through nine (grades 1 – 4). Also, “the story” section may serve as an introduction to Personal Safety for grades Pre – K and Kindergarten and possibly add “the scenarios” section as you deem appropriate. NOTE: It is highly recommended to remove the “for grown-ups only” section from the back of the book for adult reference and keep them separate from the children’s portion of the book.

Reading these books with your child will help you:
• Understand the value of learning Personal Safety prevention tools.
• Memorize a simple “Personal Safety jingle” with action steps.
• Develop communication around this sensitive topic across the generations.
• Implement a Personal Safety Family Plan.
• Embrace the Prevention Movement and break the silence!

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Daxton the Dolphin

Hi there boys! What’s your name? My name is Daxton Dolphin! Daxton means “of the water” or some call me Dax which means “leader.” Have you ever wondered about different ways to keep your body safe? One way to stay safe is by practicing Personal Safety. You will learn to be a “leader” by telling the truth and how to keep your body safe.

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Our THREE-phased Approach™

Prevention Education

Our prevention framework uses a THREE-phased approach based on a proven and straightforward method that is sequential in nature.



I. Educate children by teaching hygiene, health and safety plus body awareness.



II. Equip children by explaining unique safety concepts along with boundaries.



III. Empower children by introducing Personal Safety using child-friendly language.

Sharing this book with family and friends will be a most precious gift as they seek to help protect their children and preserve the innocence of generations to come. Will you join me in proclaiming this personal safety message by sharing Say “NO!” and TELL! books with others and empower one child at a time to positively impact an entire generation?

Foreword is written by Josh McDowell for the Say “NO!” and TELL! books – click here to read it!

Josh McDowell

Father, grandfather and founder of Josh McDowell Ministries

Looking at my seven-year-old granddaughter’s face as we recently read Maisie’s story for the first time confirmed for me how beautifully merged Kirsten Fay’s illustrations are with the story line in capturing the joyful growth and development of the butterfly. The Scenario section with its excellent examples to talk about with a child, the Solutions, family safety plan, agencies providing help, statistics and helpful strategies in the removable section for grown-ups all provide in one book a wealth of invaluable information for families.

Betty Timberlake

Mother, grandmother and retired educator of over 30 years

Say “NO!” And Tell! books are written with an honest perspective and creative approach. This is a “must read” for you and your daughters and sons, especially in this day and age where safety should be our greatest concern especially with all the Social Media outlets our children use these days. I highly recommend this book!

Lisa Pelton

Mother of two, author and educator

Meet the Author

Kimberly Perry

Kimberly Perry is an elementary school educator with over 15 years of experience working with children across the country and a Master’s of Arts in Teaching. After teaching Personal Safety to over 1000 elementary students, she was inspired to write the Say “NO!” and TELL! book series. She feels honored that the foreword is written by Josh McDowell.

“The ultimate test of a moral society is the kind of world that it leaves to its children.” – Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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